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Preliminary topics include:

Climate change adaptation and resiliency of critical infrastructures
Cities need to invest in a series of adaptive, integrated measures of planning, delivering, managing and maintaining the built environment. How can cities be protected and infrastructure development advanced?

Society and urbanism
Extreme weather among other pressures, creates many challenges at an increasing rate for the urban environment.  Although none of these trends are new, their scale and pace create challenges and opportunities that must be addressed.

Infrastructure needs for smart mobility
Hard decisions need to be made about where to invest. Therefore, what are the needs to plan and implement smart mobility?

Indigenous issues related to climate change
Indigenous and northern communities face many challenges related to the impacts of a changing climate. Cold climate, and aging and inefficient infrastructure make them particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Advanced methods and tools for infrastructure resilience
Smart data collection grids, advanced computational methods and tools, professional skills, resilience rating systems, projects and programmes undertaken to promote resilience, are considered key strategies for preparing for an uncertain future.

Integrating climate change considerations into risk management frameworks
Identifying and evaluate climate change risks and vulnerabilities is a critical step in improving infrastructure resilience. Integrating climate change considerations into risk assessments and broader asset management plans will improve our ability to develop mitigation and resilience strategies.

Planning for resilience: how asset management plans can facilitate resiliency
Despite civil engineers’ best efforts to design and plan for infrastructure resilience to climate change, decisions on infrastructure funding are ultimately made by elected officials and representatives. Asset management planning and policies are widely gaining traction within the political sphere as reliable frameworks to make better and more informed decisions.

Other topics may also be added. This summit will be a follow up on how well the three organizations have done since the last summit and where we should be going. A follow up statement of intent will be conceived by the three organizations to continue to work together on this important worldwide problem. Volunteers to assist in the organization and the participation of all in the summit are welcome.


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